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Dr. Liepa

Dagmar Liepa has been practicing medicine in California since 1982. Since then she has dedicated herself to help those with addiction problems. Realizing that resources were scarce for providing medication-assisted treatment, she availed herself to become one of the founding physicians for a medical detoxification program at Mission Community Hospital in 1998. Recognizing, researching, and understanding the many new medication treatments that have been emerging, Dr. Liepa has successfully incorporated these treatments into her hospital inpatient detox program as well as into her own private practice. As an innovator, she has been on the leading edge of providing medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders. Dr. Liepa has successfully helped thousands of patients find new ways to break their cycle of addiction. Over the years Dr. Liepa has implemented and developed protocols for detoxification from opiates, alcohol, benzodiazepines, cocaine, and methamphetamines. Once the patient has stabilized from their substance dependency, they are prepared to engage in ongoing psychosocial treatment and rehabilitation with much greater focus. Currently Dr. Liepa is the study physician in an NIDA trial comparing treatment using Suboxone vs. Vivitrol for opiate dependence.